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12 Apr

Master your office looks

Outfits de oficina

How many times have we struggled to get dressed for work, we’ve been there way more often than we would like. This could be a constant situation if for your work you don’t require a uniform, eventually you run out of ideas and out of clothes.

Today we selected three outfits that are comfortable yet chic that you can wear for the office and you’ll look different and sophisticated.


Women’s suits are one of everyone’s favorites. Wearing a suit, apart from looking amazing, it carries many connotations of empowering and self-esteem. You could wear it with high heels but if you want to be more comfortable make it a little more casual. Wear it with sneakers and a basic shirt underneath your coat, let your suit shine and try to use a very few accessories.

Dress pants

This type of pants are something that you would normally wear for work. Reinvent the way you wear them, brush off a bit that politic vibe they have and combine it with blazers in contrasting colors, loose shirts, even with printed t-shirts they look great. The best type of footwear for these pants are loafers.

Tip: Make sure your pants are slim fit, if they’re too long cut them just above the ankle.

dress pants
Midi skirt

In previous posts we’ve talked about how midi skirts are comfortable and versatile. They have this vintage and feminine vibe that we love, if you want to add a little volume to your bottom half go for a pleated skirt and wear it with booties. You can always add a sweater, a denim or leather jacket and a tucked shirt.

midi skirt

Try to recreate these three look for your next day of work, we guarantee you’ll look and feel different. Don’t forget to share your looks with us in our social media with the hashtag #YoSoyCuadra.

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