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7 Dec

The short trip survival guide

For the modern executive men, business trips have become a lifestyle. Airports are their natural habitat and knowing what to carry with them is one of the best tricks for a better stay.

Packing smart and light is a priority for business trips. Knowing exactly what to carry on your bag will help you simplify and to carry with you just the essentials you need for a trip without losing sight of the comfort and utility of your luggage.

A carry-on bag will be your best choice, since it’s one of the pieces of luggage that’s still allowed to carry as a passenger on an airplane for its size, without having to check it in, saving time between connections or transfers from the airport to your destination.

There’s nothing like a comfortable and elegant outfit for a flight. A light jacket will let you overcome weather changes when coming in or leaving the airport, besides it  will always be better to avoid waring a bulky coat..

A pair of comfortable shoes will make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your trip. Add a cool touch to your style with a pair of sunglasses and a scarf.

For a long flight, don’t forget to carry a good book that will travel with you while you’re waiting for departures or during your flight.  Also, don’t forget to bring some useful items like spearmints, personal hygiene products like a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste kit. Don’t forget to bring with you a small pack of medicines like painkillers and eye drops to keep your eyes fresh during your trip

Staying connected with your business or your beloved ones is essential. In case that something comes up like a delay on your flight or itinerary, you can always give notice and stay connected. Bring with you a cell phone power bank and a charger to assure you always have battery.

A fresh change of clothes could rescue you, if by chance you lose a flight or if by any circumstance you need to stay longer in your destination.

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