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22 Jun

Summer between embroidery

First summer weekend! And the images of the girls do not wait. With the arrival of a new season, the streets begin to fill with new designs, colors and textures. However, it seems like exists a detail that came to stay for a while longer: floral embroidery.

Mexican embroidery has a long history, heritage and a deep meaning that comes to us from pre-hispanic times, and certain brands committed whit the conservation of these techniques are responsible for transmitting this on the great runways. In CUADRA we are committed to the artisan work, and that is why we bring to you inspiration to implement this tradition in your weekend look.

An embroidered maxi-dress is ideal if you are confident and if you don´t mind being on the spotlight. Don´t be afraid of the mix of intense colors! It´s summer and it´s your perfect excuse.

Finally, implement the embroidery in your night-out. A classic black dress with transparency can be renewed with a colorful detail. Give height to your look with some booties; leaving the stilettos aside, you get a casual weekend image but without sacrificing sophistication.

Add floral embroidery in tiny details if you want a more delicate look. A white dress is a must in the warmer seasons. The colors of the embroidery on the lapels or sleeves will be the center of attention and will not compete with the rest of the outfit. Always use neutral accessories!

Visit our stores and begin to enjoy the summer trends.


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