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9 Nov

Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls

Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls

If you are a CUADRA girl, stay and read this article, because we will present the trend you always dreamed. We dare to call him his favorite style because we know that they will love him! This style has been popularized by celebrities such as Kate Moss or Siena Miller. Characterized by hats, boots, floral inspiration and natural textures. For the same reason, it is not strange that leathers, whether simile or genuine, are an essential element in these looks. Keep reading so you know how to achieve outfits boho chic the style of the CUADRA girls.

Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls_flowers

This style has its origins in the 60’s, therefore, it is not uncommon for flowers to be a super present element. Use them especially in dresses, since the most beautiful thing about being a boho is that you are feminine and delicate. Complete it with more garments in neutral colors and you will have a super complete outfit.


Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls_furry

Leathers and natural inspiration is something that you have to implement if you like the boho-chic. Whether in prints and textures or furry skins for the cold season. The great thing about this style is that it’s timeless, it’s never going to go out of style. And you can use it both in the hot months and the cold months. Complement all your looks with a fabulous hat and there will be no one who can stop you from seeing.

Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls_dress

Not for nothing have we called these looks boho chic the style of the CUADRA girls. The boots are inspired by the classic cowboy style, however, when worn with dresses and achieve more delicate silhouettes, achieve a perfect balance. In addition, in CUADRA we have a great variety of silhouettes and styles of boots that you can easily combine with more and more feminine garments. Dare to be the best version of yourself and take out that feminine power that you carry inside!

This style is here to stay, dare to use it and get inspired by these looks! As we already told you, something essential in this style is leather goods, get yours in our online store!

Boho chic the style of the Cuadra girls_boheme
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