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28 Nov

Brown bag: the most necessary accessory in your wardrobe

the most necessary accessory in your wardrobe_CUADRA

We would all love to have a wardrobe like those we see in the movies: a full corridor full of clothes, thousands of pairs of shoes and of course thousands of bags. However, sometimes we do not value the power that a luxurious element can have in our wardrobe. You can have a practical wardrobe and give it a fashion revolution with just purchase an accessory that gives a plus to all your outfits. Today we will talk about the brown bag: the most necessary accessory in your wardrobe. And how can you change an entire outfit with just one element? Read this to know:

the most necessary accessory in your wardrobe_exotic

Brown bag in exotic leather+ single color single outfit

The incredible detail of the CUADRA bags is that even the simplest colors are highlighted with spectacular natural textures. And it is thanks to these textures, that even the simplest, single-color outfit will be highlighted. If your brown bag has many textures, always use them in your favor, highlighting simple garments.

he most necessary accessory in your wardrobe_color

Brown bag with texture + matching outfit

Do not make your clothes compete with each other. By this we mean that you do not wear garments with complex prints. Leave your bag to do the hard work. Simply use matching colors with the tone of your bag. You will see that the brown color is extremely kind: almost any color you put on it will look excellent.

the most necessary accessory in your wardrobe_texture

Brown clutch + monochromatic outfit

A monochromatic brown look has a big advantage over the already so praised black monochromatic look. And you can combine many brown tones and look great, something you cannot do with shades of black. Take advantage also to mix textures without seeing you overloaded since this is the great advantage of monochromatic looks.

These are just a few reasons why a brown bag is the MOST necessary accessory in your wardrobe. Did you convince yourself? Acquire your bag in our online store.

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