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1 Mar

Transition looks that you should try now

Transition looks that you should try now

When we talk about transition, we refer to those weeks before the heat of spring enters. A period of time where our outfits most of the time can be disastrous because they are not at all according to the weather. The afternoons are very hot but the nights are extremely cold. In order to survive these weeks prior to the desired spring, we bring you these transition looks that you should try now. Read to know a little bit more!

Transition looks that you should try now_1

Fresh skirts with leather jackets

The winning outfit of the transition. It’s perfect because you can wear a fully summer outfit underneath, and the leather jacket will protect you from those temperature drops that come without warning. In order to be more versatile, prefer to wear a jacket of a light color. Since we all know the torment that can represent being under the sun with a leather jacket black!

Transition looks that you should try now_2

A vest with short garments

Vests are that perfect invention in which it’s winter on your back and summer in your arms. Just as strange as the transitions! Seriously, the vests are very fashionable and using them with summer clothes such as shorts, minidresses or skirts is completely allowed. Leave it open, to flow with the spring breeze and take your outfits to the next level.

Transition looks that you should try now_3

A white dress with boots

White dresses should become an element that we all have in our closet. They are a completely spring item, and when they are combined with long boots you can face whatever the weather has prepared for you. Choose a super feminine one so that you can take that summer inspiration in your daily outfit.

The transition looks that you should try now are simple, practical and very chic. Remember that the designs that inspired us can be found in our online store.

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