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9 Aug

3 outfits to face climate changes

outfits to face climate changes

We are officially entering the transition period. That time of the year where we say goodbye to the heat and we begin to experience cold sunrises, hot afternoons and rainy nights. We know how complicated it can be to choose a winner outfit in this era. Especially if we have to get rid of our clothes when the day gets too hot. Or on the contrary, they will not be enough because it will be quite cold. We have all gone through it! That’s why today we bring to you 3 outfits to face the climate changes. Take inspiration from them!

Layers, layers, layers…

Dressing in layers is something you need to try right away! If you don´t do it yet, don´t think that we are referring to wearing a cape like an ancient princess, but wearing several light garments to make an outfit that you can go “disarming” as needed. The perfect example is this outfit, which is composed of a tight top, a light blouse and a coat. That´s it! If the weather changes, you can remove or add clothes and be ready.

outfits to face climate changes_1

The plaid blazers will stay on top of the clothes you must have. You will see that having one of these garments will help a lot to shelter a more feminine garment. Combine them with dresses to which you must subtract a little the summer spirit. Add a pair of booties with heels and you’ll have a very chic eclectic style.

outfits to face climate changes_2
Lightweight blouses

Lightweight but long-sleeved blouses are a very viable option for the transition period. A classic white blouse is one of the best investments of your wardrobe and is perfect to face the changes of climate. Combine it with skirts or light pants and a pair of booties. Ready for everything!

outfits to face climate changes_3

Get inspired with these 3 outfits to face climate changes and always maintain an impeccable style without worries. Remember that the booties that we combine here can be found in our ONLINE SHOP

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