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9 Oct

Western chic: the style you’ll love

Western chic_TITULAR

Today we are going to talk about a style that, after boho, is becoming your favorite. It is the perfect mix between traditional western style and fashionable elements so your outfit will look modern and adaptable for any situation. It’s not about dress up as cowgirls. It´s to take certain elements of the traditional style and readjust them with new clothes to achieve your western chic outfits. Here we present those elements that you can adapt to modern garments to achieve this style in your daily outfits.

Western chic_EN
High boots + hat + jacket

A jumpsuit or overall (they are different names for the same garment) is an element that has been in our top ten. It is elegant, without having to invest time or effort in combining it and adaptable to almost any style. You can wear it with sandals, heels or, in this case with fabulous boots. Here the western chic style is achieved thanks to the combination of this very modern garment with elements of traditional style. The hat, jacket and boots, all in the same color, will contrast with the jumpsuit´s contemporary style. A western chic style ready for adventure!

Western chic_2EN
Booties + vest + hat

Combine a tight capri with your favorite booties, so your legs look longer and thinner. Include in your outfit a western hat, you will see that your style will obtain that traditional inspiration but it will remain extraordinarily feminine and modern. We suggest an extra element: a long vest. As long as you enhance your figure with a belt that highlights your waist.

Do you like this style for your daily outfits? How would you use it? Remember that the items we use here can be found in our Online Store.

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