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6 Dec

How to wear your blazer?

Winter clothes have this elegance and exclusivity that we absolutely love. Among our favorite winter garments we can find coats and blazers. Blazers are super versatile garments that even though you can wear them in spring, we are head over heels for the way they look with winter clothes.

On today’s blog we will show you some outfits that you can assemble with your blazer and your Cuadra accessories.


If there is an outfit that along this current year has exploded in popularity and has empowered women is the women’s suit. Women’s suit just as a normal men’s suit consist on dress pants and matching blazer. There’s no better way to look sophisticated and professional that one of these. If you want to look much more casual but still look spectacular wear it with sneakers, t-shirt and a small purse.

Semi formal

This is the ideal look for going to the office, family or friends meeting or for a Christmas dinner party. The combination of a plaid blazer, black leggings or black jeans, turtle neck blouse and booties is the one we like the most. You can add a few accessories like a belt, jewelry and a crossbody bag.


Finally, to feel more comfortable and keep that great style you can wear this combination that won’t fail to make you feel mesmerizing. Wear a pair of jeans, blazer and a basic shirt. A pair of booties will be the ideal choice, also a crossbody or a clutch will do just fine.


Now that you have three more options to wear your blazer make your own combinations with your Cuadra accessories. For purchasing the products shown here visit one of our Cuadra Stores USA.

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