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14 Jan

Dress + Long Boots

We are so used to wear pants and jeans when the weather is cold to protect ourselves from it. Even though we can create amazing looks with these bottoms we also love being versatile and look different wearing other types of garments that make us feel cozy and not the same as always yet.

On today’s blog we will give you a few combinations that you can make with a pair of long boots and your favorite dresses.

With tights

Fight the cold with a pair of tights, it really doesn’t matter if they are thin or a little thicker, as long as the color matches your dress (black is always a good option). This will allow you to wear dresses with opening on the leg area or not so long dresses. You can also add accessories like a leather or chain belt, they will surely look amazing.

With winter clothes

There are dresses that are wintery by themselves, whether it is because the type of fabric they’re made from or because they have applications in fur or a turtleneck, etc. Even if your dress doesn’t have these touches you can add a little coziness into your outfit with coats, blazers, hats or even gloves. So forget about getting cold with your favorite dress.

Long sleeved

If your dress has long sleeves it is a plus, you won’t have to add that many layers over you to keep yourself warm. Underneath it you can wear something really thin but warm, that way you will be able to wear it without coats or jackets, maybe just a little something over it. The point of all this is that the bottom of your dress stands out and we can be able to see that you’re actually wearing a dress.

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