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4 Feb

Give the best Valentine’s present

Valentine’s Day is near and if you’re probably making plans for this special day. A very important, almost essential part of this day is the gifts you will give or get, because even if you and your partner are not used to give huge presents, a small detail or surprise is always well taken.

On today’s blog we will give you a few tips of what present could be the best to give away this Valentine’s Day.


Winter is about to be over, we still have a few weeks more to got but the cold weather will be over soon and long boots will go back to our closets until the windy and chilly days arrive again. But booties stay if not for the rest of the year, for a good part of it. So we guarantee that if you give a pair of booties as a Valentine’s present she’ll be enchanted and will wear them immediately.


One of the favorites, we’ll just never have enough purses so adding one more to her collection won’t be too bad for anyone and she’ll love it. Even better if it is in a color you can combine with multiple outfits and is comfortable, like a crossbody bag which has the ideal size to carry everything you need along the day and still is comfortable to take on a trip, a party, to work, a casual hangout, etc.


Accessories could count as small details, so if you don’t feel like giving such a big present like a pair of boots or a purse you can always give a small accessory and make her absolutely happy. It can be a wallet, a belt or even something smaller like a keychain. Remember that the intention is what matters after all.

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