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20 Feb

Western Chic Belts

western chic belt

One of our favorite trends of the upcoming season is the Western Chic trend, in which we can mix pieces and elements from the western or cowboy style like traditional boots, buckles, metallic applications with engravings or hats with fashion and avant-garde pieces creating the perfect combination. In Cuadra the essence comes back giving you some pieces that belong to this trend for our Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Among those pieces we can find belts in three different tones.

On today’s blog we will show you a few combinations you can make with your Western Chic belts.

Printed dress

We’re almost sure that among your wardrobe you have a printed light dress, it can be long sleeved, with spaghetti straps, strapless, halter or as you like it the most. Combine it with your Western Chic belt. If you feel that the weather is not warm enough for only wearing your dress you can always add a woven sweater or a denim jacket.

western chic belt_1
western chic belt_2
Denim skirt

A very spring-like and combinable cloth. The color of your skirt can be the classic blue or you can get a little creative with colors like pink, red, black. Add your blue western belt and a basic shirt or t-shirt in a neutral color.


The most classic way of wearing this avant-garde accessory. A pair of skinny jeans and a basic shirt or t-shirt. Add complements like a sweater and hats, try to keep your top without any print so that the attention focuses on your black western belt.

cinturones western chic_3

Keep up with the latest trends and go get your Western Chic belt in one of our stores in Las Vegas and Houston!

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