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25 Feb

This is what you will see on Spring-Summer 2021

A few days away from showing you the full new collection of Cuadra Spring-Summer 2021, we’re almost ready to make you fall in love with a lifestyle that will hook you from the first sight.

On today’s blog you’ll see the first few designs that belong to the season Spring-Summer 2021.

In this collection we rescued artisan techniques that have given Cuadra its characteristic signature for the very beginning. Among these techniques we can find embroidery and handwoven in different motifs. One of the finishes that you will see quite frequently will be flowers, making reference to the upcoming season. One of the greatest attributes of the products with woven or embroidered flowers is that, being a manual job, there can be variations of shapes, sizes and even tones.  That’s why your product will be unique and like any other.

We can’t leave behind the tradition that Cuadra has implemented for years. Always evolving and keeping up with the latest trends, we make a mix of classics and Contempo. You will see pieces that have modern touches letting appreciate the natural texture of the leather, being this a very traditional finish.

As we mentioned before, flowers will be super present in this collection. Beside seeing them embroidered or woven, you will also see them in several prints. Many of the new pieces have bandanas that presents these types of prints, with organic and/or floral motifs.

Don’t miss out on the newest collection that Cuadra has for you. Go visit one of our stores in Las Vegas or check us out on Amazon. Click HERE to shop!

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