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27 Jul

5 trends form the 90’s you can wear now

The 90’s were such a great decade and now they’re back, so you can wear any piece from that time. Remember all the amazing trends we saw on “Clueless” or “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch? The mix of colors and graphics was a huge deal back then, and know we can even use some of those styles in our daily life. Here are 5 pieces you can´t miss to get the 90’s look:

Black Belt + Mom Jeans: A basic in the 90’s that you can use with leotards, blouses and coats. The belt could have a western buckle or you can choose any other style if you want.

Belts Cuara

Chokers: There’s nothing more 90’s than those pretty necklaces. Wear them with blouses blazers, shirts. You can even match it with another loose necklace.

choker Cuadra style

Jeans Fever: Britney Spears used this style once in the MTV Video Music Awards next to her boyfriend at that time, Justin Timberlake, and it was a big success for her. Now you can do the same thing, but you need to choose clothes that look good with your silhouette -not like Britney and Justin-.

jeans Cuadra style

The Clueless Club: Get some inspiration from this amazing movie with the style you like more; you can feel the grunge in your blood with a pair of booties, or you can take the classy road with your favorite heels.

Fresh hair: Your hair always makes the difference every time you want to change your style. In the 90’s, the keynote of every “it girl” was to get a natural hairstyle, with a little bit of volume but not too much. Relax and say goodbye to your perfect dos!

Some of the pictures used in this article aren´t property of Cuadra. Pictures are only used as informative way.

It’s time to go back to the past, looking forward to the future. See our full collection here and get the 90’s look now.

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