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2 Oct

Booties or Boots. Which are better for me?

Booties or Boots

When you are going to choose your next pair of Cuadra, we know that inevitably you will fall in love with several models. And surely among them will be some pairs of boots and booties. If you don´t know which ones to choose or you’re not sure which ones works better for you, read on.

There are styles that fit better with certain outfits or body types. However, in today’s blog the question is very simple: booties or boots? We will present the pros and cons of both styles so that you make an informed decision and your style always remains impeccable.

  • Its style is more youthful, perfect for alternative looks. A pair of booties can be combined with mini, midi or long skirts, jeans. In short, there are countless outfits that you can match with your favorite booties. Also you can use them in any weather.
  • There´re perfect for girls with a curvy body. They usually tell us that they cannot find a boot that fits them well. In this case, don´t limit yourself by the “no” and say “yes” to a pair of booties that will look just as good and will favor your body even more.
  • If you choose a very modern or trendy pair, it may be a little less versatile than if you chose a basic pair. Always bet on the timeless designs, in neutral colors, so your booties will always be simple to combine.
Booties or Boots_2
  • The boots are perfect for the coldest climates and will keep you warm and stylish regardless of the weather. You will see that combining them with dresses or jeans will be comfortable and warm without much effort.
  • These are perfect for tall girls and you will find different styles to complement any look.
  • For being a perfect pair for the cold months, combining them in hot seasons can be very complicated. Take this into account when choosing them.

It´s time to choose! So, booties or boots? No matter which one you choose, remember that you can receive your favorite pair at home. Just order them in our ONLINE SHOP.

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