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13 Dec

How to look elegant without wearing stilettos

How to look elegant without wearing stilettos

For sure you are already planning the outfits for the holidays. However, we know that with cold weather, sometimes what we least want is to expose our feet. Whether it’s cold, comfort or just plain taste, today we tell you how to look elegant without wearing stilettos. You will see that there are many options. You will be the best dressed in your special events and without sacrifice. You´ll be fabulous, confident and with a great style, just keep reading and we will tell you the ultimate secret… Actually, isn´t such a big secret.

The answer is simple: choose the dark side


Ok, that´s not the reference, but black footwear will always be synonymous with elegance. Wrat some high-heeled ankle boots with exotic leather to give a colorful appearance to your outfits. This bootie for example, has a super elegant heel that will give you the height you need in a formal outfit. However, its silhouette is inspired by the urban boots, with laces and rounded tip, which will give you a sophisticated look and even a little daring.

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If you do not want to wear heels, it doesn´t matter! The boots combined with super feminine dresses are a trend for this season. Try adding accents like a shiny bag or a well-structured jacket to sharpen your silhouette. Always mark your waist! It is something that you should always remember, especially in winter outfits.

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Wearing a lace element will always be a highly elegant option. This type of fabric automatically adds sophistication to an outfit without adding more elements. Combine it with vintage-inspired booties and you’ll have a fabulous outfit.

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Now you know how to look elegant without wearing stilettos. Always stay true to your style wearing Cuadra. And remember, the most important thing is your confidence, wear whatever that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It´s time for happiness and joy! Just enjoy!

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