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21 Aug

How to create an office look with Cuadra

How to create an office look

If you love your Cuadra style, you probably want to keep it even when you go to work. Thinking about this, today we will tell you how to create an office look with Cuadra. Creating your office outfits while staying true to your style and essence is not as complex as it might seem. You only need some key pieces so you can combine them with your casual clothes and create a chic office look with your favorite Cuadra shoes.

Blazer and low footwear

A blazer will always get you out of troubles when you want to achieve an office look. Better combined with feminine blouses and low shoes! This will balance the inspiration you have gained from the masculine garments. This way you will achieve a professional, chic and modern look. Trend 2018! The “Prince of Wales” blazers will be a must-have during this season.

How to create an office look_1
Discreet skirts and boots

If you want to wear your boots (no matter why) Read on. The trick is to use them with skirts discreet enough to not compete with your boots. The high tube boots can give a relaxed touch to a very formal outfit. Combine them with a plaid skirt and a Cuadra vest with very chic appliques.

How to create an office look_2
Buttoned blouses and ankle boots

This garment, OMG! A buttoned blouse is a master piece that you should have in your wardrobe! The white color is essential (for something we call it a basic) Also, this garment can go from ultra-formal to relaxed with just changing from a pair of pants to blue jeans. Take advantage of it and combine it with your favorite booties!

How to create an office look_3

Now you know how to create an office look with Cuadra. Don´t miss the opportunity to wear them every minute. Remember, the boots with which we put these looks are available in our ONLINE SHOP.

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