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16 Aug

How to choose the right jewelry according to the occasion

How to choose the right jewelry

It may seem not so important, but knowing how to choose the right jewelry according to the occasion, can raise or ruin an outfit completely. Occasionally it´s the last thing we choose! Not knowing that we can take advantage of some pair of earrings or a necklace in certain color! This blog is made to start taking into account a forgotten aspect of our outfits and you get the most out of it. Keep reading to learn more.

Long and fine earrings: if you´re gonna let your hair loose.

If you enjoy this, a couple of long and fine earrings will go perfect with your style. They will not get lost in your hair. And they will give that missing touch to your outfits. Watch out! This type of earrings should NEVER be worn with a collar. This due to its length will usually arrive just where the line of your neck starts and you may look heavy. The best thing is to bet on simplicity if loose hair is your favorite.

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Colorful earrings: if you prefer your hair in a ponytail

If you prefer to keep your hair always in a ponytail, give strength to your style with a pair of colorful earrings. The collected hair can give us a very formal look. But if we don´t wear any accessory it can seem very severe. Soften and make your appearance more attractive with the right accessories. With this type of earrings you can use a necklace, while it is thin and long so that they don´t compete with each other.

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Matching earrings with your other accessories

This is a perfect trick for your earrings to add much more style to your outfits. If you want your whole look to look more combined, choose some earrings that match other accessories. For example, if you chose bag, footwear and a black hat, make sure your earrings repeat the same color. Your dress must be a different color so that all your accessories and jewelry stand out.

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Now that you know how to choose the right jewelry according to the occasion, run to our OFFICIAL STORES to fall in love with the great variety of jewelry we have available for you. Remember also that in our ONLINE STORE there are many designs waiting for you.

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