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4 Dec

Perfect outfits for winter

Perfect outfits for winter

Today’s blog is super special. The outfits that we will present today are worn by authentic Cuadra women. Yes, just like you that you read us every week! We love that you send us your photos wearing Cuadra boots, so we decided that our today´s blog will be made by and for you. Today you will know the perfect outfits for winter. Because the truth is that no matter how cold it is, is always a good time to wear your Cuadra.

Leather jacket, plaid shirt and high boots

Here we can see an example of how to wear an outfit for being comfy and chic. These are flat boots, but with an amazing silhouette, which further defines the legs. In this way you achieve a stylized and impressive appearance. Our follower @mayraaloza also complements them with high jeans, belt and a leather jacket that matches with the color of her boots. The result is phenomenal, worthy of a woman without complications.

Perfect outfits for winter_1
Midi skirt and blouse

This set is perfect for those meetings with friends that we have at the end of the year. Casual but elegant at the same time. Obviously it is perfect to wear it with a coat or a jacket, so that when you take it off you look spectacular. The booties and the shape of this skirt are perfect for the female silhouette and our follower @valerieml knows how to take advantage of them. Remember that in these outfits it is good that you always adjust the waistline. Help yourself with a belt.

Perfect outfits for winter_2
Coat and booties with fur

A super winter outfit has to have fur! Comfortable, warm and beautiful fur. Combine our super winter boots with jeans, skirts, dresses. This pair is a match with any outfit! In this photograph our follower @prissilaguereca definitely has a 100% winter outfit, which makes us want to say Merry Christmas!

Perfect outfits for winter_3

Did you like this article? The perfect outfits for winter are always accompanied by your Cuadra boots. Remember that what you see here you can find it in our ONLINE STORE. Are you a Cuadra woman?


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