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28 Aug

3 tricks to look thinner

3 tricks to look thinner_t

It´s important to mention that this has absolutely nothing to do with the size. When temperatures start to drop, we usually add extra layers to our outfits. However, the big worry begins. Immediately, that horrible question jumps in our heads: do I look fat? Let’s face it, the problem is not looking “fat” (whatever that means). During all our lives we have been instilled with a general dislike for our body and we have been made to idealize extremely thin models. However, the detail is in knowing our proportions and looking fabulous. This can be solved by taking into account 3 tricks to look thinner.

Show your ankles!

The ideal height that your skinny jeans should maintain, according to experts, is two fingers above the ankle bone. At that height, stylize your figure. Combine them with low shoes or comfortable heels. The height depends entirely on what you can handle. But as the title says, the ankles should be shown, then take advantage of those booties that reach just the right height.

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The belt is the KEY

If there is an accessory that will work to stylize your figure is a good belt. It is extraordinarily versatile! You can put it on an oversized blouse and it will mark your waist. You can also use it with your favorite jeans and boost your curves. And you can add it to a straight dress and it will do magic with it. Never underestimate the power of a belt to mark your waist. By highlighting the smallest part of your body, you create a flattering silhouette.

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Nude colored shoes

Although black shoes are the favorite of many, at the time of styling the nude is the winner. Choose the lightest or the one that best suits the natural tone of your skin and harmonize your silhouette with perfect shoes.

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Put into practice these 3 tricks to look thinner and above all, accept your body. It is the first step to dress it in the best way. Remember that what you see here is available in our ONLINE STORE.

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