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4 Apr

Pick your boots according to your size

It might happen that many people don’t know that, just like our clothing, shoes must be adapted to the shape of our body; especially if we are talking about high heels or boots. There are styles that simply look better if you have the ideal size for them. Remember that it doesn’t have to be winter to wear boots, check our previous posts to see how you can rock your western boots and booties during the warm days.

Today we will give you a few tips about which boots and booties might look better on you according to our body shape. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping!

Short size

You are lucky since you can wear every single height of heels in the world and you’ll look fantastic. So if you want to look a bit taller wear booties with heels. We suggest you wear booties that are just above the ankle, this way you won’t disproportionate your legs. It is also recommendable that you avoid wearing medium height boots, they make you look shorter. Booties that have open sections are ideal for you, you will show off a little bit more skin and it will give the impression that your legs are taller.

Boots according to your body type_1
Medium size

Booties are your besties, you can show your legs and they won’t look short, neither too long. If you have wide ankles wear booties above the ankle and say a big no to any footwear that has an ankle bracelet; on the other hand, if you have skinny legs you can pick booties below the ankle. Any height of heel, just as short women, looks perfect on you, so take it on.

Boots according to your size
Tall size

The length of your legs is key for wearing extra high boots; knee boots will look especially good on you. Booties above the ankle are also great for your size. And if you are too tall and you want to conceal a little bit your size we suggest you wear medium height boots.

Boots according to your size body shape

Now that you know which boots look better according to your size take a look at our COLLECTION and pick your ideal boots.

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