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2 Apr

How to take care of your Pirarucu products

Piel de pirarucu

Pirarucu fish leather is one of the most exclusives, therefore it could be a bit delicate. It’s very important that you acknowledge that your Cuadra boots aren’t all terrain, we always suggest not to expose them to extremely humid environments and of course, not to get them wet. We must keep in mind that an exotic leather footwear will need special treatments in order for them to look radiant and perfect.

Today we will give you a few tips for the cleaning and maintenance of your Cuadra products in genuine pirarucu leather.

1. Dust off

The first step for keeping your products without dust or dirt is using a brush. It must muy very soft and consistent, and you have to brush slowly and careful in one direction.

Pirarucu leather_1
Pirarucu leather_2
2. Clean

For this step you will need a lightly moistened cloth, do not damp it; we want to clean them, not to wash them. Your movements should be soft, continuous and always in the direction of the scales to avoid damaging them.

3. Retouch

There might times when the stains won’t come off that simply. For this cases you can use a powdered pigment. Make sure the color of the pigment is the same as the leather and when you apply it, again, do it carefully. Be cautious on how much pigment you use, if you apply too much it will create darker stains.

Pirarucu leather_3
Pirarucu leather_4
4. Protect

Now that your products are clean and restored is essential that you protect them. You can get a water-based silicone spray. These kinds of sprays are ideal for porous leathers, nevertheless you must be careful with the silicone, don’t use it excessively since it can stain your product. A light layer should be enough for a few days.

All the leathers used in Cuadra are resistant and have a great quality, but you must take care of them and use them the right way, so your product can age gracefully. If you don’t have any pirarucu leather products yet we invite you to take a look at our COLLECTION where you’ll find incredible designs.

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