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18 Aug

How to take care of my leather footwear?

A pair of sophisticated and clean shoes say a lot about you. What we usually call “leather” footwear is genuine bovine leather (cowhide or calf). This leather is one of the most used and preferred due to its multiple qualities. Its resistance, durability and versatility make it the protagonist of many designs. In addition, it can have almost any finish what makes it wearable and very matchy. Today we answer that question that so many ask us: how to take care of my leather footwear?

It never hurts to verify that your footwear is indeed made of bovine leather. In our blog we have a lot of posts about the care of the different leathers that we use to make our products. But this one is dedicated exclusively to the bovine leather. So, if your shoes are made of another type of leather or you do not know for sure, write to us and we will gladly help you.

This step will totally depend on the finish of your product. If you have a nobuck finish, you have to go to our article dedicated to take care of the leather with this finish. If your product has a smooth and shiny finish you should only clean it with a slightly damp cloth, never wet! We emphasize this because genuine leather should never get wet, the texture, appearance and color may get damaged. If the cloth is slightly damp, it will work to remove surface dirt. If your footwear has difficult areas to get to, as is usually happens with woven or laser applications, a soft brush will do the job! When you brush or clean with the cloth, make sure you do it softly and without applying too much pressure to avoid damaging the finish of the leather (this step is essential for crackled finishes).

To give your Cuadra a spectacular look you must take into account its finish. The best and most recommended thing to do is to go to your nearest Official Cuadra Store and purchase our products to restore your footwear. The application on this leather is very simple, however it must be done with care. Only apply the restorative cream, natural or colored cream and let it rest for a moment. Then brush and your footwear is ready. We suggest that when you apply the natural or color creams, you do it in small quantities. This way you’ll avoid creating permanent spots and it will be much easier to distribute it along your footwear if you apply it little by little.

Remember that our products are hand-made, therefore their care must be a priority. To see more leather products visit us in one of our stores in Las Vegas or check us out in Amazon.

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