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30 Aug

How to wear your boots like a celebrity

How to wear your boots like a celebrity

Have you ever wondered how celebrities look so good even if they’re only wearing jeans and boots? Certainly they have a personal style advisor and hardly go out without their approval. But we want you to know that you can look as spectacular as they do without needing one. You should only encourage yourself to take certain risks when making different combinations. Keep reading to find out how to wear your boots like a celebrity.

Blake Lively and hers extraordinary camel boots

In this photo we can see Blake Lively wearing extraordinary camel high boots. As you can see, it’s not that the outfit is complex. But it is very well thought out! It consists only of a pair of minimalist but extraordinary boots, a mini dress and a colorful coat. Is there something complex about it? Of course not! It only has the perfect balance between a neutral garment and a colorfull one.

How to wear your boots like a celebrity_1
Jennifer Aniston and fashion simplicity

What makes the actress’s style so admired is how easy it is to imitate. It is an example of how a casual, elegant outfit with good taste will never go out of style. You can copy this outfit. Just choose from your wardrobe the most comfortable jeans you have, a buttoned shirt, and your favorite boots. The silhouette you will achieve will be incredible!

How to wear your boots like a celebrity_2
Dakota Johnson and the best black boots

A pair of black boots will be your best friends when you want to achieve an elegant but simple look. The protagonist of “50 shades of Gray” knows it. See how it takes advantage of the stylizing effect that is achieved with the combination of black boots and dark pants. Your legs will look thin and long!

How to wear your boots like a celebrity_3

Did you take note? Now you know how to wear your boots as a celebrity. Remember that the models we use in this blog are available in our Online Store.

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