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9 Aug

Music and boot: Best combo ever

Music makes the people come together cause it’s such an important part of our daily life. Designers have been inspired by the lyrics or the melody in different songs to create their collections; after all, what’s a runway show without music, right?

Fashion and music are always hand to hand since the very beginning, and concerts are the best opportunity to express your style, but what outfit you should wear if you’re going to see your favorite singer live? Check this out:


Back to basics with your favorite rock band t-shirts like Nirvana, The Strokes, The Rolling Stones and others. But remember, you need to keep your booties with the rest of the outfit.


You need a fresh style for an occasion like this one. Match a casual dress with your booties, and then just add a belt to get a trendy look.


Indie concerts are super popular everywhere in the world! Maybe you have heard about Coachella and all the clothes girls like to wear in these festivals. Take your boho style to the next level with the fringe trend, a hat and the perfect booties.

It’s time to dance with your concert outfit! Tell us which one was your favorite look and go here to see our full collection.

Some of the pictures used in this article aren´t property of Cuadra. Pictures are only used as informative way.

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