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12 Aug

Tell me what shoes you like and we will tell you your next destination

We can say a lot about our personality if we look into our closets, and our shoes are the key piece of all every outfit we wear. Keep an eye on the colors and textures you choose, cause they can tell many things about you. That’s why we made a list of the shoes you like! Just pick one and we will tell you which city you should visit this year.

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First, choose one of these 5 styles and then go to the answer:

If you picked this high boot, you already know you’re an elegant woman and your style stands up everywhere you go. You would rather be in a small reunion than a party, but you still have your wild side. You love natural landscapes too, but you never leave your “city girl vibe” away. For this and more, you should travel to England right now, we´re sure you´re going to learn a lot about royalty, art, food and much more topics you like.

Sexy heels, the perfect texture combination and a metallic touch? It seems like you’re a true New Yorker to us. You don´t have any regrets and it’s easy to stand out from the crown. You love to have a good time but you still know your limits, listening to your intuition every time you need it. Carrie Bradshaw could be jealous of you if you ever put a feet on the big apple, but remember, wearing heels in New York is only for big champions.

If you picked this monk shoe, you’re a true fan of sophisticated accessories and we´re sure you love the androgen style, cause it gives you the freedom when you need to pick any kind of clothes. You have a sober personality, a unique charm and you’re not afraid society clichés. That´s why your next trip should be to France, you´re going to look amazingly good while you drink a cup of wine under the spell of the Eiffel Tower.

You´re a fashionista with classic taste, but sometimes you like to go a little over the top. You love to have a lot of options in your wardrobe and in your life, that’s why Mexico City is the perfect place for you. You are never bored cause you´re surround by vitality and energetic people, but yes, your life is a little bit chaotic and you don´t have a problem with it.

You love to go over the top all the time and you love to wear unique clothes. You dare yourself and you know how to mix the latest trends like a true fashionista. Your elegance is always there, even when you match textures, cause you´re the coolest girl in town. Tokyo is the perfect city for you! It has charisma, diversity and eccentricity… You’re gonna feel like a fish in water.

Did you like your next destination? Tell us what you thought and go here to pick the fashion items for your next adventure.

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