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22 Aug

How to clean your closet like a pro?

With a new season getting approach, we need to clean our closet before getting down to the mall to get new stuff. It’s not a secret; if you keep order in your wardrobe and your house, you´ll see your life with a better perspective. That’s why we want to give you some easy steps to organize your clothes:

1.-First, you should throw the clothes you don´t need.

We know it’s easy to accumulate so many things for their sentimental value, but it’s time for you to ask yourself some serious questions: Do I still like to wear this? Can I wear it to an upcoming party? If you´re answer is “No”, and you’re keeping it with you just because you want to, it’s better if you sell it, throw it or give it away.

2.-Make a list of the things you have depending on the style and season, and then categorize.

  1. a) Bottoms and tops
  2. b) You can separate your tops this way: Outdoor pieces (coats, jackets, blazers, sweaters) shirts, vests, blouses.
  3. c) Classify bottoms; pants, skirts and shorts.
  4. d) Keep your accessories and underwear in different drawers.

3.-Now that you’re cleaning, do the dame with your shoes and boots.

This will help you a little bit too, pick the shoes you don´t want anymore and make some extra space in your shoe closet.

4.-Our advice is to organize your clothes in textures and colors, so you can choose different outfits for every occasion.

You won´t pick the same look over and over again, just cause it was the first thing you found.

5.-Last but not least, when you buy something new, put it in the right place… It’s not that hard!

Now that you know how to clean your wardrobe, get the last trends and go to our website to see all the new fashion items we have for you.

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