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23 Aug

Masculine Style: There are more than suits in life

Do you think a man need more than blazers, shirts and formal pants? Honestly, we think that’s totally true. Right now there are too many young and adult men who like to look elegant for their partners or only for themselves.  The suit is a basic piece in the men’s wardrobe, cause you can wear it to go to work or in any other event, but now they have many more options to impress.

We want to show you some accessories that you can´t miss, cause they add certain sophistication to the personality of the modern man.

A classic bag if you like to look good anywhere you go. It’s synonym of elegance and it makes your life easier.

We love those accessories that protect our mobile devices, and we can´t have enough of them. There are some classics in the market already, but only a few will take your style to the next level; pick the ones with the textures you love.

You wouldn’t be ashamed when it’s time to pay in a restaurant. Every man deserves and needs a good wallet where he can organize his cash and cards. Did you already know that a wallet could say a lot about your personality?

The booties are not what they used to be! Now you can wear your favorite pair of minimalist booties with a formal outfit or with a casual look… It’s your choice!

After matching your shirt, pants and blazer, you can add a final touch with a belt. Every style is acceptable, but you need to pick the right one depending on the occasion.

The fashion trends for men are getting over the top, because we know the gentlemen in the world like to try new things. Find the styles you love here, and get into the last tendencies we have for you.

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