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2 Sep

Independence Day in Mexico: The perfect look

September 16th is a super significant date in Mexico cause represents liberty, proud and a new era for our country. We know you can´t miss the party cause you like to “dar el grito”, but we need to think about our look before anything happens.

Maybe you live and love the festivity, or maybe you don’t, but there’s a really good chance for you to look great. We´re going to give you some advices, so you can wear the perfect outfit:

The first thing you need is a pair of boots or booties. If your shoes are way over the top, keep the rest of your outfit simple… Less is more.

The flag need to be in the room but never in your outfit. You can see lots of girls wearing the all the colors of the Mexican flag in the same look, but that’s a little bit too much.  Choose a monochromatic outfit and match it with neutral colors.

If you’re too casual for the occasion, pick some classy accessories.  Silver is a typical color of Mexico, maybe you didn’t know but, we’re the main exporter of this metal in the world. Add some details with this tone and you’ll shine forever.

Forget about the classic look; there’s more in life than jeans, boots and a shirt. Remember you can match your shirt with a skirt, or some boots with your favorite dress. You are the only one who set the limits of your creativity.

It’s ok if you are in the mood to wear a modern look, but you can always get the Mexican touch with a buckle belt. There are too many styles that we love, and they match really well with every look.

Get the colors of the Mexican Flag with your make up. Wear a red lipstick, a sexy green shadow in your eyes, and a natural blush for your cheeks.

Last but not least, take your authentic personality with you wherever you go. And don’t forget to scream “Viva Mexico” with all the passion you have inside you.

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