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22 Nov

3 ways to wear a vest with your outfit

This garment has become women´s favorite for its versatility and comfort. It works especially when you want to keep yourself warm and comfy without wearing a very large jacket. Today we will give you some inspiration with 3 ways to wear a vest with your outfit. You will see that it is a very practical option, you will give a different touch to your outfits and you will be warm with all the Cuadra style. Keep reading to learn more.

If it’s long, with a dress

These long vests look amazing when you combine them with dresses. In addition, with the arrival of winter, combine dresses with high boots is the most flattering thing in the world. Make sure the length of the vest is the same height as the dress or slightly longer. This is because if the dress is too short, could be a little inappropriate. Remember that everything must be in balance! You will have a perfect winter outfit with a super cute and exclusive garment.

ways to wear a vest with your outfit_1
With white blouse and pants

This outfit is the practice women´s favorite. There will be no mistake! The pants can be more formal or even a pair of jeans and it will not matter. Adding a vest to a basic outfit will always be a good option, you don´t need any extra effort. Dress in a neutral vest and play with the colors of your other clothes.

ways to wear a vest with your outfit_2
With a sweater and a skirt

Combining a vest with a sweater is an extremely valid option during the winter season. In addition, you will always find different sweaters with which to combine it, creating an infinite number of options to wear daily. Here we combine it with a skirt, yes, always adding a belt that highlights your waist.

ways to wear a vest with your outfit_3

Do you like these ways to wear a vest with your outfit? Remember that these vests are available in our ONLINE STORE.

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