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11 Oct

Boots & Make Up

Maybe you don´t know it yet, but the boots you choose have a lot in common with the cosmetics you like. You can pick a certain shoe style, or the lipstick you love, and we´re sure they will have some parts of your personality.

We will tell you more, but first, choose the boot you like the most:

You´re a huge fan of the second part of the year, that’s why you prefer sober colors, but you still like to include some dark-warm tones in your daily life.  You have at least one wine lipstick or something similar, cause you’re that woman who likes to be a true trendsetter.

Your thing is the natural make up. You always choose the neutral tones, but you can still have a little touch of color in your lips. Sometimes you like to use false eyelashes but only in a few events. You’re a woman with a strong spirit and a rational look.

Your favorite look: Smokey eyes and a red lipstick. This classic combination is the one for you, and it’s rare when you take a risk to try other styles. Sometimes you wear other colors, but your technique is already defined.

You like vivacious colors, and summer is your favorite season of the year. Yes, you can use anything, cause you´re a true fashion warrior and every color looks good on you. Your personality is amazing and you like to go beyond the evident.

If you already have your beauty situation resolved, now it’s time to get the boots you love here!

Some of the pictures used in this article aren´t property of Cuadra. Pictures are only used as informative way.

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