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13 Oct

4 Hollywood Girls with Style: Names Starting with E.

Sophistication was an attribute we learned from Hollywood’s Golden Age, but nowadays we can feel those looks are almost gone. Maybe we think red carpets from our time are not what they used to be, but some Hollywood actresses are here to show us we’re actually wrong.

We want to tell you about four fashion icons; those girls who shine with their own beauty. They have that “je ne sais quoi” every time they go to a party, that’s why we need to learn a lot from them.

Hogwarts former student has evolved her style in some many ways. Emma has been inside the silver screen since she was little, and now, she’s so much more than that. Her iconic dresses made us feel alive, like that one time when she used a recycled plastic dress for the Met Gala 2016.

Dakota’s sister is one of the most important fashion icons in the industry. This year she was selected to be the sweet Jesse in the psychedelic film “The Neon Demon”, movie where the director talked about the risks of being a young model. The ironic thing here is that Fanning has been the main character of many fashion campaigns of the most famous designers and fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, W, etc.

She knows how to mix clothes! The lovely red-head did conquer or hearts in movies like ‘Spiderman’, ‘The Help’, ‘Easy A’ and ‘Birdman; a film from Mexican director Gonzaléz Iñárritu. Emma is the star of the red carpets with her impeccable looks form head to toe.

Famous for her part as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones and in the recent chickflick ‘Me before you’ as Louisa, we can see how she manages to change radically from a science fiction queen that flies with dragons to a sweet girl with a style that embraces colorfully and eccentrically her character.

In this film, Emilia passed through 50 outfit changes. Lou definitely stole the heart of those of us who share her great love for shoes and fashion.

Which one is your favorite actress of them all? Tell us in the comments below, and go to our site to see what’s new.

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