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23 Nov

What’sin your handbag?

What’s in your bag reflects great deal of your personality and the most important secrets of your day. To open it, it’s to discover a treasure full of secrets, revealing the tools which we use daily and the most important accessories to accompany you during your day.

Boho Chic

A bag this size has enough space for carrying everything you need for a ‘Boho’ lifestyle, showing a style that mixes a bohemian and hippie touch. In this bag you can’t miss carrying something to give you a shot of energy like an apple and a steel water bottle for keeping your drink at the right temperature.  Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a pair of earrings to accompany your style.

Urban Style

A bag as small as a clutch can be super useful for those who walk around the city during the day, and need a comfortable bag for its size, but allows them to carry everything they need in their day, like your cell phone and a very cool case to protect it, an ID and a credit card, and the most important thing a burgundy lipstick that can give you a very classy look.

Classic Woman

A classic and elegant color with enough space for everything you’ll need during your day. It fits your business laptop, that book you’re reading and specially the daily planner that allows you to have all your tasks in order to get the best of your time. Definitely, this style is a classic for a woman who prefers a formal style that she can use in different occasions.

What’s the style that goes better with you? We have an ideal bag for your personality in our online store.

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