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6 Sep

How to wear your Cuadra boots

How to wear your Cuadra boots_

“Noche mexicana” celebrations are approaching and we all want to take our Cuadra out of the closet to show off like no other on this party. In this new season, we wanted to highlight the models that have been our roots for a long time. For this reason, we want to show you how to renew them and make them look modern every day and not only during this month. Keep reading if you want to know how to wear your Cuadra boots and maintain the style that characterizes you.

With textures and organic prints

Dressing with a traditional, handmade element will give character to your outfit. Combining a modern dress or garment with a pair of traditional boots provides an original and very sophisticated look. Make sure that if you use prints do not compete with each other. You must also take this into account with your boots. If they have embroidery or embellishments, make sure your garments are neutral.

How to wear your Cuadra boots_1
Take advantage of the Western trend

One of this year´s predictions was the western style combined with contemporary garments. Well, although it didn´t appear until now, it is finally becoming present. You must make sure that the clothes you wear are feminine and modern and when combined with your boots you will be able to be on board this year’s trend.

How to wear your Cuadra boots_2
Modernize and triumph

With the right outfit, you can make your traditional booties look more modern. Try to wear a colorful garment to match your booties and choose a monochromatic outfit. You will see that by using for example tight jeans and a casual blouse you can give it a twist and your booties will acquire a more combinable character.

How to wear your Cuadra boots-3

Now you know how to wear your Cuadra boots. Did you think of new ways to wear them? The handmade tradition is something that we are proud of, and we want you to find a thousand ways to show it. Remember that all the models we use here can be found in our ONLINE STORE.

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