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11 Sep

Go from summer to autumn in 3 looks

Go from summer to autumn in 3 looks

It’s here! It’s finally here! Just a few days for saying goodbye to summer and give a warm welcome to fall, we bring you this article with some ideas on how to go from summer to autumn in 3 looks. As we know, temperatures in Mexico are quite changing. Therefore, these looks are perfect for you to make a calm and very stylish transition from summer to autumn. You will see how the combination and contrast of two garments will be perfect

Dresses and coats

This outfit has the best of summer and autumn. From summer we have that light and vaporous dress. It’s long, which makes it perfect as a transition garment but fresh enough. The coat is the autumnal accent, ideal to protect us from the cold of the mornings or at night. With this outfit you will look feminine and formal. It also works as a transition from the office to a meeting with friends.

Go from summer to autumn in 3 looks_1
Light fabrics and heavy fabrics

This transition look is achieved by the combination of two different fabrics. A chiffon blouse and a tweed set made of skirt and coat are the perfect transition look. As an extra point, wear your booties without pantyhose, this will give a fresher touch and you will not have the risk of going too warm. Especially if the sun rises in the afternoon and the atmosphere becomes too warm!

Go from summer to autumn in 3 looks_2
Prints and autumnal colors in dresses

Wearing autumn colors and prints in garments that we would not normally wear when it’s cold makes them perfect garments for the transition. Choose dresses with ocher, orange, pink or brown colors. Brown is becoming a trend this fall. We could be facing “the new black” of the season, but we’ll talk about that in another article.

Go from summer to autumn in 3 looks_3

Now you know how to go from summer to autumn in 3 looks. Remember that the boots with which we have combined these outfits are available in our ONLINE STORE. Did you like them?

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