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29 Dec

Time to give and receive…shoes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we surround ourselves by an air of magic and in which we’re willing to give and receive the best of us. Our favorite part of this season might be to give presents and what better way to do it than picking those beautiful items that will assure you a smile in our family or friends.

Even if it’s a small detail to express affection or a gift that requires months of your savings, Christmas gifts are one of the best parts of the season and this time we made a list of the better shoes you’ll want to give or receive.


Inspired by men’s shoes, they can be worn with dress pants, jeans and can also be worn in a more feminine way with a dress or skirt. They are perfect for a daily use to feel comfortable during your day in the office, but adding a very elegant touch to your outfit.


They are one of the most desirable items of this season and with them you can create very cool casual look or you can mix them with a dress or skirt for a much more stylish look. They’re perfect to use during the winter season or for rainy mornings.


They are this season’s favorites, perfect to use according to your shape and the outfit style you decide to wear for the day. The styles and ways to use boots are infinite and you can mix them either way you want to. Your imagination is the limit.

These are some basics we need during the season. What do you think of them to give or to ask for in your Secret Santa Party?

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