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14 Mar


The men also have his essential pieces; those who seek always to seem incredible know that they cannot use the same footwear over and over. For this reason we describe 4 styles that can’t be missing in a man’s wardrobe.

The fashion shoe

Every man should have at least one pair of exotic shoes, the ones you will not wear it all the time but the day you wear it everyone will remember you. This footwear is going to be characterized by bold textures, flashy colors and especially it will be the shoe that you will see in all fashion magazines.

The basic shoe

When we talk about this type of footwear the first thing that we think is a black and boring shoe, but we are sure that always there will be an opposite option. What you have to look is a shoe-lace that is able to use it in formal events but with a different touch, avoiding something to much showy.

The summer shoe

When we talk about summer shoe we don’t mean that it will be the footwear of that season, means that is the one you could use for a long time. This shoe is going to be characterized by his comfort and versatility. An example of this is a driver shoe because you can find them in different colors, with tassels, laces and metallic trims.

The sport shoe

This will not be the footwear that you will take to run or go to the gym, will be a sport style that you can use with jeans to give a formal touch as with a formal pants to give a more casual touch, it seems contradictory but the purpose of using this footwear is to play with the style of the clothes.

Now that you know already which is the shoe that cannot be absent in your wardrobe go for it, we propose you to approach our stores, where you will find a variety of shoes ready to use. Here you will find all our locations

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