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26 Mar

How to pick your pants according to the occasion

Trousers for men

When we normally buy clothes is because we like the design or because we need to renew something in our closet, it’s not that common that we choose every piece of clothing with a specific purpose. We also know that in many cases is not likely that somebody owns a great quantity of pants on every shape, color and style you can think of.

Being said that, today we bring you three styles of pants in three different colors that are basic for any man. These three options are pretty versatile as in color to combine with and the occasions in which you can wear them.


Not every man owns a pair of pants on this color, bur everyone should since it is a super versatile color that you can combine with almost anything. Even when your look is a little bit informal, you will look slightly sophisticated. Wear them for your casual hangouts in the weekends, for outdoors events or for beach trips with bluchers, drivers, sneakers or urban boots. The color will give you a fresh, stylish and relaxed appearance.

Khaki pants

A black pair of pants is basic in your wardrobe, it saves you every time you are clueless on what to wear. From basic t-shirts to formal shirts, every style and color goes along with it. Even if you are looking to go traditional with shirt, boots, belt and hat; or something more casual like urban boots or sneakers. Depending on the footwear you pick it will improve or decrease the formality of the pants, but in almost any occasion is valid to wear black pants.


Another basic that is just essential is a good quality pair of jeans. We emphasize the quality because this kind of fabric was made for rough use, and you can wear hem for that if you want to, but you can also wear them for family or friends gatherings. Remember that jeans are merely casual, so we suggest being careful and not wear them in formal or etiquette events. Just as black pants you can add diverse styles of footwear like western boots, urban boots or sneakers.

Jeans for men

These three designs of pants, as we said before, give you freedom to wear them in several ways and you’ll never look the same as always. Take a look at our COLLECTION, where you’ll see all the designs and colors we have for you.

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