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21 Feb

Look stylish with your leather jacket

Leather jackets have become essential in every men wardrobe. They are comfortable and versatile clothes and they are not primarily informal. They will give a very appealing and distinct air to your look.

If you don’t have much idea on how to wear a leather jacket, this three tips featuring three different styles could be pretty useful for you.

Classic brown

The color of this jacket allows you to wear it earth tones or even darker colors like grey or black. If you want to wear a formal attire, the classic cut leather jacket gives it a quite different vibe but you can still wear it as if it was a coat. We suggest going for not so bright colors, neutral or discrete tones. You can also add other textures like a light toned sweater, just remember that if you are going to wear the sweater keep your tie underneath.

Leather jacket
Black with patches

Black is one of the most versatile colors and the patches of this design will add an urban touch without looking too informal. Wear your jacket with jeans or pants and a plain basic shirt. Just as the brown jacket look, you can wear a black, gray or contrasting color sweater.

Leather jacket_2
Brown suede

The color and texture of this jacket is perfectly adequate to match it with light color clothing. White or beige pants get along with it, you can add color with your shirt, we suggest not to wear too bright colors. Sky blue or olive green turn out to be discrete for bring the attention to your upper body.

Leather jacket_3

In Cuadra we have plenty of leather jacket designs that will surely fit you, we invite you to check them out now that you know how to style them.

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