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23 Mar

CUADRA Spring – Summer 2017

Every CUADRA collection is an original proposal. Is to get into a new world of inspiration to create luxury products to wear day by day; are the trends that make us a lifestyle. As part of this process are coming ideas, sensations, designs that are transformed into the creation of magnificent products.

What you will see this season?

For those that are looking comfort and luxury will find Pausa, the trend that fuses small details with classic silhouettes. Booties in mysterious colors, shades like cold white and gray mist, which provide a purity effect. Footwear with finished metal-workers that heighten its beauty.

Sport and functional designs that isn’t isolated of the luxury, practical and comfort in the same shoe.

And for those who like adventures was born Fronteras Urbanas, with the colors of the season, denim and red to give us a sense of sophistication and sensuality.

With handmade finishes, interwoven leather, everything is about details. Floral applications that exalt the beauty of nature in an urbanized environment.

Design, luxury and beauty are just some of the characteristics that will surprise you this season, find it our web page and make us part of your life.

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