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28 Feb

Small purses are still a trend

2019 is the year to add a small purse to all your outfits. We normally grab bigger bags for our daily routine, but it’s about time to get rid of the idea that small purses are not ideal for these days.

Sometimes finding the right purse for us can be a bit challenging. As to smaller purses, the key is knowing how to take as much advantage carrying only the essentials for your day. You will be thankful for not having so many stuff on you and also, you will look fresher, younger and trendier.

Among all the advantages a small purse can bring, there is the possibility to wear it in so many ways. Whether it is for style or for comfort, the smaller, the more versatile it becomes. On today’s blog you will see three different styles to use them and look completely distinct.


This is probably the most comfortable and practical way to use a purse because your hands will be completely free, soothing that not every style of purse can do. One of the most valuable characteristics is that its weight distributes across the body, that’s why it is called Crossbody.

Leather crossbody outfit

A very chic to carry your belongings is wearing your purse in your hand. We usually go for this option when we have a night out or a formal event. Nevertheless, this is not a fashion rule, it is completely valid to wear it for daytime occasions.

Leather clutch outfit

It is quite common that small purses have a small handle to carry it in your arm. This is one of our favorite variations since it gives you a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance. Besides, it is one of the ways in which your purse will stand out from the rest of your outfit.

leather handbag outfit

It is true that a small purse will not give you the possibility of carrying a lot of stuff, but we guarantee that every single item that fits in will be necessary and enough to keep up with your day; plus you can easily maintain the order inside.

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