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10 Jul


How to dress for stormy days and not die trying.

Cold dawn, windy midday, super warm afternoon, warm sunset and rainy night. We know that the days have become a sample of all existing climates, and that in less than two hours the temperature can change without warning. Thinking about that and the difficulties we face in the forecast of a rainy day we bring you tips to dress up these days and not just end up buried under a sweatshirt and an umbrella.


First of all, save your white jeans for when the weather improves. Dark colors are our best allies to disguise the stains and humidities of a rainy day. Dare to try a monochrome look in shades of blue or wine to brighten the environment.


Pay attention to your layers! Although the total black look is one of our favorites, these gray days choose to turn on the things with bold patterns, fun details and bright colors. You can mix a garment of intense color to a neutral outfit, or treat with dresses of great geometric motifs.


We will never stop of repeating that dressing in layers is the key to success. Dressing in the morning with a light shirt or blouse with a sweater on top, and above it a coat or jacket, gives us the opportunity to go removing layer by layer as needed. That way we will face all the climates that may appear during the day.


There are countless trench coats that can make your garments look great. You can give a new air to your yellow raincoat from childhood. You can also invest in a classic London style coat that protects your favorite leather jacket. One of the new trends is to opt for a transparent coat that lets you see the fabulous outfit that you wear underneath.


Finally, stimulate the forecast with the correct accessories! Do not forget the indispensable ones: an umbrella and a hat. And raise the tone a little with bags and jewelry to the contrast. The correct footwear is essential. Choose any type of low shoe that makes you feel safe when walking on wet ground.

With rainy days it´s only one shot: go hard or go home!  Find what you need to beat the rains in our online store!

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