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22 Aug

Dress for success with CUADRA: formal outfits.

In the business world, a good first impression is fundamental. No matter what you work for, a good outfit will always give you security and presence to face any situation. Today we bring you a simple post; in here you will learn how to match any outfit with the help of 3 key elements. Pay attention so you see how easy it´s to dress for success.


You would be surprised to know that such a simple garment can help you so much to match an outfit. If you plan your outfits thinking about the sweater as your main garment you will save a lot of time in choose colors or textures. A good cashmere sweater never fails, and can be worn day to day and never get wasted. It all depends on how you match it. For example, on Monday you can go in sweater and pants and on Thursday wear the same sweater with a skirt.


A blazer will always enhance any outfit and will make it formal and stylish effortlessly. Choose one with great prints or original textures, so you can combine it with neutral clothes. Forget about the days when the office look had to be sober and boring. Have fun and get creative, give a more relaxed impression while still being formal.


When there is meeting with important partners, it is time to get the full arsenal. And a full suit will never fail you. The power that it has, create security and authority, undoubted. Choose colors like gray and blue, are the best allies when we talk about business.

Success is the sum of small efforts, and dressing for what you want is one of those details that will drive you to achieve anything.

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