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12 Oct

Style tips for plus size girls

Style tips for plus size girls

Because our followers asked for it! This post is dedicated to all those girls who have faced the harsh molds imposed by the fashion industry and have beaten them: plus size girls. For some time, we have seen blogs, models and even brands dedicated to girls with curvy bodies that claim the idea that beauty does not depend on size. And as we know that we all like to look cute no matter our size, here we bring some style tips for plus size girls.

Style tips for plus size girls _thebestofyou

First things first: structure. We need to show our best attributes. And this is achieved by choosing the right clothing. We recommend always prefer garments that mark the waist. Because this will give you the hourglass shape no matter your size. For example, a skirt that is narrow at the waist but with flight will enhance the silhouette. If you add a structured leather jacket that ends just above the hip will be great. Your legs will look super long if, as a final touch, you add height with high-heeled booties.

Style tips for plus size girls _booties

We will never be tired of saying that ankle booties are your best friends. They have everything to be a super garment: they are comfortable, they are versatile and can be worn in skirts and pants. But more importantly: its size makes your legs look slimmer and more stylish. When you wear them with jeans, better you chose a high ones. Add a belt to mark the silhouette well and look taller and thinner.

Style tips for plus size girls _dresses

Always choose dresses that fit your waist. We also recommend those that go a little above the knee, in order you can combine them with high boots that fit well to your leg. It is best if you choose simple boots. This will help your legs don´t look more overloaded than necessary.

Beauty comes in all sizes. And sometimes it’s just about avoiding being focused on our flaws and finding useful style tips for plus size girls. Find that pair that will go super well with your outfits in our online store.

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