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2 Jan

How to combine the color of 2018

How to combine the color of 2018

The color of 2018 was already announced and it surprised everyone. According to Pantone, the most popular company in charge of dictating color trends for all aspects of our life, the color of this year is: ULTRAVIOLET. This color definitely opens the door to having a fun year with many innovations. However, we know that you are surely wondering how to combine the color of 2018. Therefore, today we bring you ideas to start experimenting with this new revelation.

How to combine the color of 2018_yellow


If you analyze the chromatic circle (the one taught at school) you will notice that yellow is literally on the opposite side of purple. This means that these two colors complement each other. Choose garments or accessories that are similar or related to these tones and combine them with each other. You will notice that they will immediately look good together.

How to combine the color of 2018_black


A safe bet to use this color is to use it with shades of gray and black. Always leave the darkest color underneath, to stylize your legs and let the protagonist color bring attention to your face. The disadvantage with these colors is that you must always be very well groomed, as you will immediately attract attention.

How to combine the color of 2018_total


You can find clothes less saturated, but that go perfect with the same tone. In this way you can achieve a monochromatic look that will look amazing. With that color, she prefers not very tight garments, but with details of flights or very feminine. This look will favor especially those girls who are very daring. Those who are not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion!

Now you know three different ideas on how to combine the color of 2018. Something important about trends: remember that you must always implement them to your personal style. Have fun and enjoy fashion!

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