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14 May

How to care for your Cuadra jeans

Cómo cuidar tus jeans

Over the time denim naturally evolves. Jeans usually fade their color and lose their fit due to environmental causes, cleanance products and the usage we give to them.

If you’re feeling that your pants don’t last as much as they used to and you have to keep buying a bunch of pair to prevent wear and tear, don’t worry. On today’s blog we will give you a few tips to take care of your Cuadra jeans and keep them in good shape for longer.

Wash them occasionally

High quality denim is made for rough work, this also means that you don’t have to wash your jeans every single time you wear them (unless they actually need it). It’s very important that when you do wash them you use cold water (the colder the better), use detergent without bleach and turn them inside-out before you throw them in the washer, this will prevent color fading.

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Get rid of odors

Each time you wear them and you’re not planning on washing them, put them up in the freezer for a night. Cold temperature will kill any bacteria that could cause bad smells. A simple but effective hack, if you notice that the odors haven’t faded away then it’s time to wash them.

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Readjust them

With time denim looses a bit of its shape and it could be that in a coupl of months they don’t fit as they used to. If you wish to feel them adjusted again fill a buck with ice cold water and rinse them for a couple of minutes. After this you’ll throw them in the dryer in the fast heat cycle.

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Try these tips out and you’ll keep your jeans fresh new and will last longer.

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