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17 Jan

The essential jeans in 2019

Jeans are and will always be our inseparable friends. And being a key item in our wardrobes, trends are also applying in them. In this article we will enunciate the essential jeans in 2019. Would be the end of skinny jeans? Will the flared jeans finally win the battle? Keep reading so you´re informed of the trends and you manage to adapt to the new styles in a better way.

This is how the skinny jeans will rule

No matter what experts say, skinny jeans don´t go anywhere. Women continue buying them and finding new variants and ways to combine them. This year the skinny jeans recover its position, and the favorite way has been to wear those ripped jeans, with applications or fringes that give them a bohemian and unique look. Of course, if you are going to choose this style, always wear it with blouses, blazers or super feminine kimonos. And do not forget to add height with some heeled booties. In this way you balance the rudeness of these jeans.

High waist

Regardless of the silhouette, this year jeans will be at the waist. With the vintage style coming back, the silhouettes that frame the waist will be the quintessential item in your wardrobe. And everything that doesn´t make you look like an hourglass is of the table. With this type of jeans, always, always, always fasten your blouses! What we want is to highlight the waist, remember it!


The loose silhouettes will be very effective this 2019. Ideal for more urban looks, relaxed and with a lot of character. This style of jeans is likely to gain fans as it is a bit more flattering than the “boyfriend” jeans that, honestly, add a bit of visual weight to our silhouettes. Not so flared, not skinny, just a relaxed capri will be the essential jeans in 2019.

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