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15 Mar

The new color that is trending everywhere

new color that is trending everywhere

In the last weeks we have been seeing it everywhere. Bags, footwear, accessories, even full suits in this color are filling the dressers of the main fashion houses. We are talking about the pink! In autumn we saw an increase in the use of this color that was slightly abandoned a few years ago. For all the aesthetic connotations that this color can have, we thought it would disappear like many trends. However, here we are, in the spring and with all the dressers full of this color. So don´t miss this opportunity and here we tell you how to wear the new color that is trending everywhere and look spectacular!

new color that is trending everywhere_1

Intense pink, with complements in black.

Any shades of rose are allowed this spring. However, if the shade of pink is as intense as in the case of this skirt, we recommend using a neutral tone to balance things. This is a color that we usually associate with the feminine, the ruffles and the tulle. Hire it with a great leather jacket! This will give you that rough touch and you will achieve a very modern contrast of trends.

new color that is trending everywhere_2

Pink accessories to order!

If it doesn´t convince you at all to use a large garment in this color, not everything is lost! The great thing about this trend is that we are seeing it in practically any accessory. Implement your outfits a detail in pink. It can be your shoe or bag that pink detail that will make your outfit stand out. It is valid to use it even in the smallest details!

new color that is trending everywhere_3

Pink with red, dare!

It may sound extreme and you may think it’s a recipe for disaster, but we’ve seen it work! More and more street style fashionistas are mixing these two colors in a successful way. Here we can see an example of these two colors working spectacularly. If you like challenges, this is your chance to show how fashionista you are!

With this we leave you today. Will you decide to use the new color that is trending everywhere? Remember that you can find that ideal complement in our ONLINE STORE.

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