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12 Apr

How to wear your high boots

botas altas outfit

In the few past seasons extra-large boots have been getting stronger and stronger, today we can see theme everywhere, in multiple runways and in every corner.

Being a design that covers up most of the length of the legs is understandable that we store them in our closets when the warm season approaches. We know that probably no one will use these boots during summer, but in the very first days of spring when it is still windy and the temperature is not too high is a great option to take on them. Today we will tell you how you can wear your boots during spring.

Denim Skirt

Denim is timeless and we are loving the latest trend. We mean the design of button down denim skirt that has straight cut. Lacking volume and shape it fits just right any type of body, wear it with a spaghetti strapped blouse and add you favorite large boots.

botas altas outfit_1
Lace dress

This is not the first time we mention this kind of dresses in our blog, and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon, they’re just the ideal piece of clothing that will keep and make you look fresh and airy. The boho chic style of this dresses goes perfectly well with extra-large boots and if you add a hat you’ll get the full look.

Botas altas outfit_2
Jeans and boho blouse

Just like the previous dress, we will recommend you something boho to combine with your favorite pair of jeans. These blouses are often loose and fresh, add a light colored jeans and your extra-large Cuadra boots will be the perfect touch.

Botas altas outfit_3

Now you know it, don’t miss out on your large boots even when it’s not winter. There are just a few days left of chilly weather, make the most out of them and keep in mind these tips for the first months of this year’s autumn. Share your looks with us in our social media with the hashtag #YoSoyCuadra.

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