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17 Apr

The trendy way to wear jeans and booties

The trendy way to wear jeans and booties

Jeans and booties is a classic combination that has endured in the wardrobes of all women for a long time. However, being so classic, we constantly find it a bit boring. So that this does not happen to you, we recommend you continue reading. In this post we will tell you the trendy way to wear jeans and booties. Each of the options we present focuses on different types of jeans. This season we have styles for all tastes.

The trendy way to wear jeans and booties_1
Straight cut jeans, with worn look.

Surprisingly, extremely tight jeans are no longer the most common garment. They have given way to a great variety of different silhouettes. Among them is the straight cut or boyfriend, which have won the hearts of many girls by the beautiful contrast they do when combined with a pair of super feminine booties. The secret is in the footwear. Contrast the masculine jeans with the most feminine and colorful booties.

The trendy way to wear jeans and booties_2
Fluid jeans, with his unexpected return.

Even more surprising: the fluid jeans came back. And all fashionistas are wearing them! Your favorite shoes to combine it: booties. Some use them to the ground as in the first decade of 2000. While others bend them, so they do not stop showing off their fabulous booties. However you prefer to use it, we are sure that your exotic leather pair will look especially good with this style.

The trendy way to wear jeans and booties_3
Skinny jeans, with plaid clothing.

If you are one of those who believe that tight jeans will never disappear completely from our closets, read the following. The correct way to use them is with the infaltables of this season: checkered garments. You will achieve a very versatile, modern and especially chic look.

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